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“To simplify planning and building regulation matters as far as possible. To achieve the most efficient and economical solution available in an enjoyable and co-operative atmosphere. To surpass the best architects in Colchester.”

Our Experience

Roger, Andy and Tony have in excess of 60 years design experience between them and, together with a practical background, take great pride in resolving the plethora of design problems that various projects (from domestic extensions through complete dwellings into Nursing Homes and the like) has to throw at them. They also have a great team of other like-minded people around them to call upon as and when the need arises. So if you are looking for architects in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk or Hertfordshire, we can provide a full range of architectural design services.


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Our People

Roger Wright

Following his OND at Colchester Technical College and his degree in Building Technology from Brunel University degree, Roger came back to family building firm where, in addition to running the Construction Company he added Architectural design to his CV, enabling a Design and Build package to be offered and undertaken.

As his reputation for solving design and technical problems expanded so did his client base to include not only people who wanted the whole D&B package but other Builders and Clients who wished to undertake their own work. Thus the basis of an Architectural Design set up was formed!

Andy Cameron

Andy had worked for Roger and Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd for many years as an all round trades person and Foreman on many projects before he decided that he would like a career change in 2006.

With Andy’s enquiring mind, the vagaries of the Planning system and the technical solutions required for Building Regulations provide him with a continuous challenge, which he is always willing to meet head on.

When not in the office, you are most likely to find Andy down the closest golf course trying to improve his handicap. We are just grateful that his technical drawings are a lot better than his golf.

Tony Wright

Roger’s son Tony started his career working at Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd, starting out as a carpenter and over the years continuing to progress to  foreman and running sites.

When a vacancy became available in the architectural design set up, Tony  grasped the opportunity to turn his hand to the CAD system and, using his site knowledge, quickly became a valuable member of the design team.”

When not in the office, you’ll find Tony most likely spending time in the garden with his two girls or up in the treehouse pretending to be a big scary dragon. Luckily for us, he’s not scary at all.

Client Testimonials

I have been complimented on numerous occasions about the build and how it blends in with the original house. This is a direct reflection on the work of Wright Ruffell Cameron Architects in Colchester. Once again, many thanks for your assistance, time and continued support.

MRS T. E Hargreaves – Colchester

‘Quality and professionalism through all stages: initial consultation and guidance, design and refinement, build and construct and, not forgetting the important clean-up. Top job!’

Mr D Cooper – Brightlinsea

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio shows a select few of our projects that we feel give a good idea of the type of projects we take on and the quality we deliver for our clients.

It wouldn’t be practical for us to show every single project, so if there is something that you would like to see but cannot find, let us know and we’ll be happy to send you some examples.

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